Youth Development Fund, Inc (YDF). is a non-profit general assistance fund for educational program and services for children.

YDF supports an educational program concerning drug abuse, health and fitness; presents festival events for children and the general public; produces and distributes Public Service Announcements regarding child-family relationships; and pursues all other related purposes allowed to non-profit corporations by the laws in the State of Tennessee.

The goal is to have every school that has access to computers and the Internet to be able to access our educational programs. The home page has been aggressively promoted throughout the Internet by various search engines and linked to as many different sites as possible.

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Youth Development Fund is dedicated to helping educate children against the damaging effects of drugs, bringing health and fitness issues to the forefront, and highlighting how important family relationships are. We also give medical supplies to 5,000 children in Haiti, Guatemala, and Honduras to orphaned children.

But we feel most like superheroes through our “Children's Dream Network,” when we give a child facing a life-threatening illness the chance to experience something they’ve only dreamed of. Visiting a theme park for a week. Meeting a favorite actor or race car driver. Playing a video game on their own platform, or just riding a pony. 

Our most unusual request came from a 16 year old boy who wanted a one way ticket to Hawaii. He had terminal cancer and wanted to be buried in Hawaii, his birth place. He got his dream, and died two weeks later.

But we’re sometimes forced to place a child with leukemia or needing a bone marrow transplant on a months-long waiting list. This is frustrating for them and heartbreaking for us. One-third of children who apply to us die within one year. It’s emotional to call a parent and tell them we are ready to fund their child’s dream…only to hear the child passed away a month before.


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